In this flyer Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to design a stunning, ready-for-print Burger Poster from scratch using the CMYK color system in Photoshop.

Tutorial Notes

  1. Start by creating a flyer 6*8 inch with Resolution: 300 & Color Mode: CMYK.
  2. Press CTRL+R to show Rulers if they’re not.
  3. Grab a vertical and horizontal rulers to the middle.
  4. Add gradient overlay.
  5. After downloading the icons, start positioning them as a pattern as mentioned in the video tutorial.
  6. Convert the final result as a smart object.
  7. Add Burger, Cola & Fries. All from File>Place Embedded.
  8. Adjust the size & position of each element.
  9. Add some shadows below them. with the brush tool or any other technique you like.
  10. Using the Boulevard font, start writing the header text as you like.
  11. Import the “chili logo” and isolate it from its background. then, add it at the right hand side.
  12. Draw a ribbon using the Pen Tool in the top left side of the flyer.
  13. Make a circle using the Ellipse tool and change its color to red one.
  14. Write any missing data and add some adjustment layers to your final composition.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets