In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to convert any photo into a realistic oil painting drawing, without needing to have any drawing skills!

Tutorial Notes

  1. First, you should use your Art History Brush Tool, and create a new layer above your locked “Background” layer.
  2. Install the brushes, and start painting over the new layer with the first brush.
  3. create another 2 layers and paint over them but this time with smaller size brushes.
  4. This will show much more details in each layer, and by decreasing the art history brush size, this will show much more details.
  5. After finishing, paint with the splatter and dots brushes over a new layer.
  6. Add the textures and blend them with the below layers with the overlay blend mode and Emboss filter.
  7. And that’s it, This will create a very realistic digital oil painting effect.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets