In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert normal fire brushes into a realistic fire effect in photoshop.
You won’t need any fire stock images to do that effect at all!

Tutorial Notes

  1. Import the fire brushes into your photoshop software from the brush panel.
  2. Use this color (FF9C00) and start painting over a new layer with the shape you like.
  3. Duplicate that layer 2 times and change the blend mode for Vivid Light & Color Dodge for both duplicated layers.
  4. Create a black color under all layers, then convert all 4 layers to a smart object.
  5. remove that black color with Color Range & layer masks.
  6. Add some smoke and particles using the brushes you downloaded before.
  7. Add some glow to the final effect, then add some adjustment layers to boost the fire effect details.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets