In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to convert any Raster image into Vector using only Photoshop. At the end of this tutorial, you’ll find an extra tip that helps you to convert any raster logo to a vector logo in no time with the same technique.

Tutorial Notes

  1. Create a New Document with any dimensions you like.
  2. Import the image you’d like to work with from File > Place Embedded.
  3. Make a selection around the part that you want to convert to vector using any selection tool.
  4. Make a Layer Mask out of that selection.
  5. Select the layer and apply the Smart Sharpen filter on it.
  6. Add Threshold Adjustment Layer.
  7. Apply Filter> Stylize> Diffuse> Anisotropic filter multiple times on your image.
  8. Change Threshold level to a proper value.
  9. Duplicate the image itself, and apply the High Pass filter with overlay blend mode, to it to add more details to the final output.
  10. Merge all visible layers to a new layer with ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E.
  11. From Select> Color Range, make a selection out of the black color.
  12. Grab any selection tool and right click inside that selection and choose Make Work Path.
  13. Change Tolerance to 2.
  14. Create a New Layer, then Create a solid color fill. This will create a Shape layer out of this path.
  15. You can deselect the path from Paths Panel to hide it

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets