Transparent shirt Photo Effect

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a transparent invisible Photoshop effect. using some isolation techniques and some filters you’ll be able to convert almost any part of any photo into a transparent, camouflage effect.

Tutorial Notes

  1. Create a New Document with any dimensions you like.
  2. Import the Assets that you’ve downloaded from the video description. Using File> Place Embedded, or by just drag and drop.
  3. Grab the Quick Selection Tool and start selecting the man.
  4. Create a mask out of what you’ve selected to isolate it.
  5. Make a selection around the part you want to make it transparent. in this tutorial, it’s a shirt.
  6. Take a copy of the shirt layer with CTRL+J and move to the very bottom.
  7. Select the 1st t-shirt layer and desaturate it, then, duplicate it 3 times with CTRL+J.
  8. Adjust the levels of the top one. then go to Go to Filter> Filter Gallery> Sketch > Chrome. change Detail to 0, Smoothness to 10.
  9. Select the 2nd layer, Adjust the Highlights to about 80,
  10. From Filter choose the latest applied Filter, or simply press ALT+CTRL+F.
  11. Select the last layer and from levels, adjust both Shadows & Highlights.
  12. Apply filter again with different values.
  13. Select all 4 layers and change the opacity to 5%.
  14. Add some adjustment layers

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets