Welcome to our new coffee promotion flyer Photoshop tutorial. Today, You’ll be learning How to design a CMYK coffee flyer/poster in Photoshop from scratch in very detailed steps.

Tutorial Notes

  1. Let’s start by creating a New CMYK Document.
  2. Press CTRL+R to show the Rulers if they’re not and add the Bleed area.
  3. Import the wood, mountain, and coffee images
  4. Adjust each image position and size. Then, Select the wood image and Hold ALT+CTRL+SHIFT then drag a bottom corner to make a perspective
  5. To resize an image proportionately around its anchor point, hold ALT+SHIFT during resizing
  6. You can control Brush Size with both “[” & “]”
  7. Import the coffee beans and duplicate them multiple times all over the document with different angles and sizes.
  8. Add Motion Blur to all of them to look more realistic as they’re falling
  9. Add some fog with a soft 40% white brush.
  10. Add text to the header with any font you like.
  11. Add Footer Text
  12. Add some adjustment layers

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets