3d text effect photoshop tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a 3D Standing text effect in Photoshop using only Smart Objects. once you finish the tutorial you will be able to make a 3D text effect Mockup which can be used multiple times with any text and shape.

Tutorial Notes

  1. Open the PSD file, then import the pattern and install the font
  2. Unhide the “Adjustments” group and Make sure to align the text between the 2 horizontal rulers & in the center
  3. Press CTRL + H if rulers are hidden
  4. Add a rectangle over your text layer, Center it to the middle then create a smart object of both Rectangle Layer & Text Layer
  5. Double-click the smart object’s thumbnail to open it
  6. Delete “Rectangle 1” layer and press CTRL+S to save
  7. Whatever changes you do inside the smart object will be applied over the smart layer -and every copy of it- after saving it with CTRL+S
  8. Now, let’s create the 3D extrusion action
  9. Click Record.
    1-Create a copy of the selected layer with CTRL+J
    2- Move the new layer to the bottom from Layer>Arrange>Send Backward
    3-Press CTRL+T to transform that layer
    4- Change the Width: 99.8%, Height: 99.7%, and this is the idea behind the 3D extrusion as every created layer will be moved to the back and be transformed with a percentage reduction in both Width and in Height
  10. Stop the action and start playing it about 50 times
  11. let’s style a single layer and Copy&Paste its layer style to the rest of the layers
  12. Double-click “Text” Layer yo open the Layer Style window and make some styling as you like
  13. Double-click the “3D” group to open the Layer Style window and make some styling as you like
  14. Add Some Adjustment Layers

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets