Birthday Invitation Flyer

In this Photoshop Tutorial, you’ll learn How To Design Kids Birthday Invitation Flyer In Photoshop.
The final output will be ready to be printed since it’s made using the CMYK color system in Photoshop.

Tutorial Notes

  1. Let’s start by creating a New Document 5×7 inches and CMYK color mode.
  2. Grab 4 ruler guides at a distance of 3 mm inside the document edges to create the bleed area.
  3. Bleed area is the area that will be trimmed during the printing process. We put it into our consideration so that we can avoid adding important information in it.
  4. Import each element separately and adjust it size and position inside the document.
  5. You can use the cloud Brush to add some cloud and combine that with a sky color.
  6. You should use the Pin Tool to create the ribbon.
  7. For any dropping elements, make sure to add Motion blur to it. and take into consideration the direction of the motion blur.
  8. Add any text as you like. but keep in mind the overall result should looks good.
  9. after you finish your composition, add some adjustment layers to make the final result looks better.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets