In this text effect Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to make neon text effect/sign/style using only Smart Objects in Photoshop.
At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to create a very realistic & colorful Neon text effect Mockup which can be reused again and again to re-apply the complete neon effect with a SINGLE CLICK!.

Tutorial Notes

  1. First, You will create a smart object containing some shapes or text.
  2. Then duplicate it 9 times and add some styling to each layer.
  3. And duplicate again 5 times. and with the help of the Gaussian Blur filter, you will be able to add the glow to your final result.
  4. Finally, you will use some adjustment layers to up
  5. Once you update a single layer all layers will be updated with the same effect.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets