in this glitch effect photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to make the distortion/glitch effect in photoshop using the timeline panel.
you will start by creating 5 layers and split RGB for some of them then apply some distortion filters to make the final glitch photo effect looks fine!
After finishing the tutorial, You will get a PSD file, and once you update its image the whole animated glitch effect will be updated in a few seconds.
Please note that The final result will be animated and can be exported as a GIF or as a video.

Tutorial Notes

  1. First, you will import your image and cut it 5 times in the Timeline Panel.
  2. Then apply some filters (i.e. wave filter, offset filter) on each layer.
  3. duplicate the final group of layers and make some updates to create a new glitch effect.
  4. add some adjustment layers and save your final result to be used again on any other photo.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets