Splash Vector Photoshop tutorial

This is an updated tutorial about how to convert raster image to vector in Photoshop using a simple trick. Enjoy!

Tutorial Notes

  1. Create a New Document with any dimensions you like. Then, Import your image in it from File > Place Embedded.
  2. Make a quick selection around the part that you want to convert to vector. using the quick selection tool or the pen tool. then, isolate that selected part using a Layer Mask.
  3. Select the layer and apply the Smart Sharpen filter on it.
  4. Import and run the Oil paint action on your image. Then, add a Threshold Adjustment Layer above it.
  5. Change the Threshold level to a proper value. and add some splashes using the splash brushes.
  6. Make your image sharper by adding a High Pass filter with overlay blend mode.
  7. Merge all visible layers to a new layer. then, from Select> Color Range, make a selection out of the black color.
  8. Grab any selection tool and right-click inside the previous selection and choose to Make Work Path.
  9. Create a New Layer, then Create a solid color fill. This will create a Shape layer out of this path.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets