In this Photoshop tutorial you’ll learn how to convert texts, shapes, drawings into a realistic sparkle effect in Photoshop.

Tutorial Notes

  1. First, open the sparkler image and convert it to a black and white image. then use some adjustment layers (i.e: Levels) to make it a pure black & white image. then convert that final result to brush.
  2. I’ve created 9 brushes for this tutorial. You can download them from the assets below.
  3. make a path using the Pen Tool and trace it using sparkler brushes.
  4. make sure that both brush Jitter and Angle Jitter are 100%. This will randomize both brush size and angle.
  5. change the final stroke color using the layer style.
  6. add a black color layer with a low opacity and use a mask to remove some parts of it to give a light effect to the sparkles
  7. Add some adjustment layers to the final result.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Assets