In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to make a Colorful Neon text effect using only Smart Objects. once you finish the tutorial, you will be able to make a complete real multi color Neon text Mockup and you can recreate the neon effect out of it with a single click.

Tutorial Notes

  1. After extracting the assets files, You’ll have Comfortaa Font, Tutorial Background, and Wire action
  2. Go ahead and install the font first. Open the PSD Background file. and Import the action file “Wire.atn”.
  3. Pick the Type Tool and type “Neon”. Change font to Comfortaa Bold with size “550 Pt”. Convert the text to Smart Object.
  4. Double-click thumbnail to open the Smart Object
  5. Using Crop Tool, you can widen the smart object size to about 2000Px *2000 Px, it is the same as the main document size.
  6. Press CTRL+S to save and Rename to “Text”. after that Duplicate it with CTRL + J 4 times.
  7. Select the 5 Layers and decrease Fill to 0%, then make a group of them. Name it “Neon Text”.
  8. You should style every layer from bottom to top to give us a proper neon effect.
  9. Double click “Text” Layer to open its Layer Style window.
  10. Please enter the given values from the video. these values are the most suitable values chosen after several trials to give you the proper neon effect.
  11. Now, import the fixing and duplicate it with CTRL+J several times and distribute them all over the neon
  12. Now, make a wire. Pick the Pen Tool and make sure that it is drawing a Path not a Shape, then, after drawing you path, go and run the wire action. this will create a wire behind the neon text.
  13. Add some Adjustment Layers.

Tutorial Assets

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